RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Night View

Jesus, our night-time guard who speaks no English, wanted me to take some photos of the complex at night. At least that is what I think he wanted. I tried to explain that the big camera he had seen me with before had been stolen. Either my Spanish wasn't up to the task (most probable) or he didn't really care because the next thing I knew he had turned on the pool lights and was framing shots for me. I got the hint and took some photos in the directions he was pointing knowing they would be blurry. Turns out there was enough light for this view of the bridge over our pool (which he seemed particularly interested in) for a reasonably sharp photo. This image then is in honor of Jesus, who works from 19:00 to 7:00 every week day, and obviously spends some of that time thinking about photography.

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