All Hail Broke Loose

Today the weather finally caught up with us. We headed up to the lake at Eibsee for a freshwater swim this morning. It was a gorgeous looking day and the temperature gauge in the car rose from high twenties to the low thirties in a little more than 25 minutes drive. The girls and Annie were straight in the lake once we found a good spot but very soon after, we heard the first distant rumbles of thunder. Annie was sure she had seen lightning (soon proved to be very true), either way we decided to pack our towels and go find some lunch. It proved to be an exceptionally timely departure, by the time we reached the first buildings and any rain protection, the heavens quite literally opened. First torrential rain, then an added dose of huge hailstones, the biggest I'd ever seen. We must have sheltered for 40 minutes before it relented enough to make the walk back to the car, the car park by now featuring large areas under water (yes I got my feet wet).

We drove back down to Garmisch for a pizza, a kind of late lunch early dinner still revelling in our lucky escape. The photo shows the view during the storm, the extra is Annie and the girls watching the storm come in.

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