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The Poppy that Popped

As promised > yesterday < and the final flowering stage of what was > this last week < here is the Poppy that Popped!

I've said before (and will probably say again) that I find reds one of the most difficult colours to photograph - they always look horribly over-saturated - this has come out only slightly better than I'd hoped for but I am still not particularly happy with it.

(Sadly not the SOOC that I am always wittering on about though - in the spirit of being totally honest this has had:- a crop, a sharpen (and it still looks a little "soft" to my eye), a slight darken and a small vignette applied)

Here endeth the tale of the poppy that was once cool and green and hairy!!!

May be a little better on large

NIKON D90 : 1/60" : 42mm : ISO 200 : EV -1.7

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