... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Run, Gosling, Run!

More hysterical in large...

This gosling became distracted grazing in the reeds by the pond's edge, and didn't notice its family leaving the water and going to graze on the bank. When it realised, it couldn't see them, so swam along and started to call rather urgently. Mrs. heard it (she can't count, so relies on their calling to alert her to their separation), and barked back; she homed in on its call, and it followed her bark, and they reunited by my side. The gosling then zoomed off (following its siblings' peeping) to join them: it hurtled away from me, before noticing them to its right and performing this amazing banking manoeuvre! Such a funny gosling.

When I arrived at the pond, the Goosles were having a spat with the coot family (2 territorial parents with 3 large cootlings). The goslings dived whenever an adult coot approached, but one of the goslings got caught and tussled with the coot before Mr. separated them. The gosling ended up with a nosebleed (!), which was very alarming, but after rinsing its beak the blood ceased flowing, so it didn't seem to be too serious.

I've uploaded other Goosle shots to Flickr (right from here).

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