... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Botanic Gardens: Butterfly Blip

Refreshing in large
Funky eye alternative

Oxford is heaving at the moment; I went over to Christ Church Meadows, but it was so busy that I retreated to the Botanic Gardens for some breathing space. I'd decided (before arriving) that I wanted a butterfly blip; there weren't actually very many around, but I got a few photos of whites (I'm not sure if this is large or small; I suspect that it is a large white, but am not confident).

I had fun taking photos in the bright sunshine, so have uploaded too many to Flickr (right from this morning's non-biting midge).
Geometric Echinacea
Bee on Echinacea: taking off [one of several "Bee on [i]Echinacea"[/i] shots]
Fly and bee on Echinacea
Fountain and visitors
Bee in mallow (with little larva)
CCC Blackbird ("Curious chap")

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