It's that time of the year when spring tries so hard to creep in but winter hits it back with force. Although we had a sunny day the wind sent a chill right through your bones. Lovely to look out from my lounge and see camellia Cinnamon Cindy in full bloom, she's pretty and petite, especially with her little pink buds.

Somebody decided to go for a walk today, not the sort of day to be out and about when your elderly and alone. He's so stubborn, its hard to keep him home, somebody had to go look for him while somebody else stayed near the phone. Luckily he came home by himself but fell at the doorstep completely knackered, that is the very last time he goes out alone. Thank goodness there were no buses involved this time, a memory he doesn't seem to forget, so relieved.

It's just after 4pm and thought I would get this up before I get the washing in and prepare tea - some sort of sausage casserole tonight.

Enjoy the weekend blippers :)

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