Three men......

.....and their fishing lines during sunrise this morning.

I stood and savoured the sunrise in the company of two other blippers this morning, it was wonderful. Rich and vibrant the sky was pink and red before sunrise changing to orange and then various shades of gold as the sun broke through the horizon.

One lone fisherman stood against a vibrant pink sky was soon joined by two others. A couple of joggers passed by along with their dogs and there were five photographers on the beach this morning. I'm not used to so much activity but it was awesome being at the pier, calm and not to cold before sunrise but then an easterly stirred up the waves and it was a bit chilly, a hot chocolate at the local café went down a treat.

Lovely to see fellow blipper optimist and thanks to mpp26 for asking me to join them for the sunrise. I had a wonderful time and finding it hard to pick a blip, so I've added a few extras to give you a feel of the morning.

Thanks M, lovely to catch up again :)

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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