Perhaps a little busy but I like the way the eye lingers over the reflection and its wonderful Kiwi icons, gently rustled by a chilly breeze, before resting on the more solid port holes with peeks of the Pacific Ocean. The man and  unseen dog simply walked into the frame as I was clicking away.

Mum and I went back to the pier today after my night shot last night. I left the blipping of ' the pier' to mum as I hope to be back there bright and early tomorrow - three days of blipping the pier just might be a bit boring, so I have an unusual take of the area of New Brighton not far from the pier.

Thank you for all of your encouraging words, stars and hearts last night. I was happy with the shot considering it was my very first night shot with the 60D but there is much room for improvement. I thoroughly enjoyed being by the sea, seeing the coloured lights change and the beautiful reflections, it was calm and peaceful.

At the pier today it was sunny with a stiff breeze, other areas were calm and sunny and rather pleasant. Another lovely day spent in the company of my dear mum, walkingS :)

Happy Thursday everyone :)

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