Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Return of the tree fellas

The bigger fella and the little fella are annual visitors to Arnside, and their adventures have featured in this journal each year at this time.  Here they are on the shore, the bigger fella trying to get the perfect sunset shot over cloudy water (see extra photo), and the little fella contemplating giving him a shove (he thought better of it).

The bigger fella used to be smaller than the photographer fella (me), but now he is distinctly taller and much more bearded.  The little fella is only little now in a relative sense, he's as tall as the photographer fella and still growing about 1 mm a day (or so it seems).

Their week in Arnside is drawing to a close now, and we shall return them tomorrow to Farmers Andrew and Jane ready for a few weeks on the tractors gathering the harvest.  We've had a busy week osprey watching, butterfly hunting, Gus walking, photographing, Tai Chi'ing and much more.  The house will seem strangely quiet on Sunday afternoon.

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