Behave as if it's Spring!

For most Blippers not in the part of the world where it is the Spring season, we are scrapping around for other ideas.  Yesterday I had the perfect 'spring' into the air by the model in my portrait session, today..... nobody who could do that for me!

I searched around for an inspirational quote that would spark off a blip and eventually came across this one from Lily Pulitzer - 'Despite the forecast, live like it's spring!' Lily was an american socialite and fashion designer where this remark would make perfect sense.

Today as I look out at grey skies and windy conditions I would like the forecast to be for a warm and sunny summer day, but that is not on the cards in the near future.  My blip is of trees in the garden being thrashed around by the wind - slow exposure to show the movement.  I am behaving as if it's spring with light clothes and just a hint of cover on the arms!

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