The Bomber Command Centre Spire

Minstrel the Cat woke me early this morning, using me as pouncing practice. Not that a sleeping person is much of a challenge, I'm sure. 

Soon as I turfed him out of the room workmen came next door, The drug dealing previous occupant had turned the place into a fortress as defence against police raids, and these guys, accompanied by their own loud whistling and much hammering, are attempting to turn it back into a normal house. 

No-one could sleep through that so I gave it up as a bad job and got up! It was ages before I actually felt awake though. I've managed to sort out and send some post and sweep and hoover the floors (with Jae's help!) but that's it!

I had some discount vouchers for Subway so I had a walk down there to get my lunch, and also get my Blip. I took a few shots in the Arboretum, but on the way home I realised you could see the Spire memorial for the airmen who died during WW2 from the road where my work is. I took this between showers!

This is part of a work in progress to provide a centre dedicated to the role of the air force in WW2

To the right of the shot you can see the sun on the community centre, recently restored after a fire!

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