Minstrel Cat

Yesterday I decided to check out photos on the "cat" tag of Blip, because there's nothing like kitty pics (and videos) to put a smile on the face. I realised that there were no shots of Minstrel in the first few pages, which means I can't have Blipped him for a while.

Today seems as good a day as any for an indoor shot. It's proper gloomy outside again and much, much cooler. I will be glad of that when I'm at work later!

I don't think he likes being photographed much - he tends to try to hide his face from the camera like my sons do! I did manage to get a couple of photos though.

This one I shot with the selective green on my camera, but it only caught the colour in one of Minstrel's eyes. I still like it though! And he seems to too. Normally he takes no notice of phjotos or images on TV but he stared at this one for a long time - twice!

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