The calm before the fight!

Daisy and Maly were lying together on the big cat bed tonight and they were sleeping for a while but not long after I took this picture, Daisy got up and decided to cause some bother. Within minutes they were knocking lumps out of each other. I think the rain has meant that they have spent most of the day inside and are now going a bit stir crazy!

I decided the other night to alter the settings on my cat flap so that it is open during the day but nobody gets out at night. It must have a light sensor but tonight, although officially the sunset is twenty-five past nine, the cat flap was already shut by seven o'clock as it was so dark and dismal.

It has rained all day but I find this weather so much more comfortable than when the sun is out! I was out in a polo shirt most of the day and got soaked twice but I was never cold (until I got home and had to put the heating on for half an hour or so to warm the house up).

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