Grandpont Nature Park – 8.06 on 28 July 2015

2 hours 45 minutes after sunrise.

Week 30. The series

The grass and the moles are fighting back. It is still July but there is definitely a feeling of the season on the turn. The comparison of the leaves behind the bench with last week is striking and for the birds too the fertile part of the year is over. There was no birdsong this morning; just wild wind in the trees and this one bird riding it. I think it might be a red kite but I wasn't able to check.

A great class of Chinese and Italian students this morning who have decided they are going to translate an English-language song into both languages, teach each other to sing it, and perform it on Friday. It was brilliant to listen to both nationalities singing along with YouTube together in English. I wondered for a few seconds whether this was a legitimate English language activity until I heard them a bit later comparing vowel sounds in Italian and Mandarin and discovering to their delight that 'i' sounds the same in both languages. Oh yes, this is good learning.

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