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Kennet Distillery

Finally fixed a knocking noise on the bike this morning - one of those that had been building for weeks, but wasn't showing itself when stationary. Strip down and re-assemble of the pedal cranks and bottom bracket seemed to sort it though, and headed out for a run along to Kennet Pans to make sure it was all good.

Been keeping an eye on the old dilapidated distillery down here for a good while now, watching it slip into even more ruinous state as the years go by. Good news is that the proposed renovation work seems to have begun,, with archeologists moving in the past week to give the site the once over before more extensive remedial work takes place to stop the ivy and other plant life taking over the place completely.

As the world's first commercial distillery, setting up an export industry that's now worth billions and giving birth to both the Scottish (Haig) and Irish (Jamesons) brands, it's good to see that it might not be turning to a pile of rubble for a long time to come.

Nice ride out in sunshine (worrying that, in July, that's a rarity rather than the norm). Still rained for a bit though.

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