By ChrisGroucutt

Bad Parents

It's rotten having parents who teach. We've made a deal with the kids to have a (big) reward if they do one hour of studying a day through the Summer hols. Poor kids.

It's for their own good though, 7 weeks off takes its toll on a young mind's learning rhythms, and to be fair they do actually enjoy learning. Don't be fooled by little one's expression, she loves to paint a story as much as I do ;)

She's working through a lesson here on Khan Academy, and despite how she looks, both the kids are having a blast on the site. I can't recommend this site highly enough, completely free and an astonishing resource for learning.

It's not that bad for adults either, it just taught me how to do long division, a skill that has somehow eluded me for my entire life. If only they had a photography course on there...


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