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By xb

WOC 2015

There can't be may sports where the World Championships take place in a primary school playground.  Apart from hopscotch or conkers, but I'm not sure they count.

The World Orienteering Championships are in Forres this weekend.  Tonight was the qualifiers for Sunday's final of the Sprint event.  Plenty of countries on display - from memory, the ones I saw were Japan, South Korea, China, Portugal, Israel, Ireland, Italy, USA, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Bulgaria, and good old Team GB.  I hadn't really thought that people would travel the world, as spectators, to watch people running about reading maps.  Turns out they do, and in their numbers too.

Pics tonight were a bit grainy, but I'll go back on Sunday to see if I can do any better.  This was the best of the bunch combining the athletes and the crowds.

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