A meeting in the sun

I spend most of my day today looking for my oldest cookbook (and I still haven't found it!). Had 3 overripe bananas and I was sure my favourite recipe for banana cake was in there. In the end I just took a recipe from the internet and adapted it a bit. The kitchen is smelling of bananas, vanilla and almonds right now, the cake still needs a bit of baking. The rest of my time was spent with photo challenges (nothing as pressurising as yesterday's 12 photos in 12 hours though). I needed one with the theme 'viewpoint' and one with the theme 'lit by a window'. I got the blue rather strange boddhisatva statue/candle holder for my last birthday, I had never seen that combination of a boddhisatva with the position of one of the 3 monkeys before and am still wondering where that comes from, Buddhism mixed with Chinese/Japanese folklore? It's certainly not one of the Buddha's mudras.  Here on the windowsill with my mini drawing dummy, a meeting of minds, humanism vs Buddhism in the sunlight?  Most definitely they were lit by the window :-) And the alternative viewpoint for a picture of he statue as an extra photo.

Thanks very much for your comments on yesterday's Blip, that was indeed a lamp by Ikea with flower decoration/transparency. I did finish that challenge just before midnight, I don't think I'm going to do that again soon. Find those 12 photos on Instagram if youre interested :-)

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