Dick's Pics

By RichardDonkin

Clinging to what we have

Chalkhill morning. Couldn't sleep, up at 5 am, an hour later lugging my camera through the dew-soaked long grass on Denbies hillside near Dorking, looking for roosting chalkhill blues. These two, perched on a stem of agrimony, were still dozing I think, as I should have been.

I don't understand Blipfoto birthdays anymore but I think this may be one of some kind. I know the community has thinned somewhat but it's still good to see a few stalwarts around wondering, as I do I guess, if some signs of life may emerge to assure us that this place isn't run by synths (good series that, Humans on Channel Four).

This butterfly phase is showing no signs of abating in a hurry - at least there's no need to change lenses - but I guess it will be put to bed for the winter in a few more weeks. So hello and thank you, from this bit of flotsam to all fellow blippers who have stayed the course and who have popped by today. 

Last night I dreamt that all the bees had gone. It seems they were aliens all along, gracing us with their presence. Their terms for returning was that we stopped mining and using fossil fuels in power stations and transport. The crazy thing about the dream was that people thought that too high a price. Not the butterflies, of course. They're with the bees.  

These are boys, by the way. The other one there is a more soberly attired female

Ah Ah! I see after all that speech-making my maths is pretty crap and my 1500 blip birthday is tomorrow. I'll chase these butterflies off and put the cake away until then.

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