Today the 'Morning Job' officially became THE Job. Longer days, but no more working in the evenings - hooray!

Desperately hoped to start the week knowing that the accounts had been completed and the tax return sent off to HMRC, but it didn't happen - too many interruptions and distractions. Still quite a bit to do in my "spare time" - and a weight hanging over my head :-(

Home after work, then almost straight out to friends' for a party at the end of their Open Studio weekend. Some of their artwork is fabulous! Lots of food (MrM made a delicious chestnut, mushroom and onion roll as our contribution) and drink to share, dancing and music.

An 'emergency' blip today! This little viola doesn't realise that's it was supposed to flower for only one season. It was planted in a pot, together with some winter pansies, last October - and it's been flowering ever since. Despite the fact that it's been rather neglected since we moved house.

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