Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Degree Show!!

This evening was the private view. The weather was suitably lovely (sarcasm). We went down a bit early and had some publicity shots for the launch of Winchester Journals. I got a copy with a line from my article on a screenprinted postcard. Totes exciting.

My mum and brother arrived just before 6. Me and Harry had a minor fashion crisis and wore the same colour shoes. We did the full tour, all around fashion and then fine art and then up the top to graphics.

Some of the fine art stuff was absolutely shocking. Seriously seriously bad. I had to try and censor what I said though, for fear that the artist might be nearby.

Afterwards we went for some food at Pizza Express. Lushness. Thanks mummy!
AND we managed to get home before the rain started.

(My camera batteries died near the beginning, so this will do)

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