Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Up early and down to uni for the first of my invigilation slots. This morning was 9-12. Since I was first there, I had to turn on all the electrics, but then it was 3 hours of doing sudoku and watching Graham write emails. Forgot to charge my batteries last night, so another phone picture. Tut tut.

Just as my shift finished I saw Lily, so went for a coffee with her, Jess, Danielle, Tom and Peter. Twas nice. Back home for a bit of lunch, then to Graham's for a bit of tea, then to Lily's for a film.

Graham just reminded me that it's only about 9 days til he leaves Winchester forever. It sunk in a long time ago that this was ending, but that just seems horrifying. There are definitely going to be tears when I have to leave this place.

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