Scattered Polaroids

By sp

My second invigilation slot was this afternoon from midday onwards, so me and Graham made the most of a free morning and went for a walk. Round the cathedral, down Kingsgate Street and back up towards Christ Church and the barracks.

Back to uni to eat my slice of M&S carrot cake, visit Pose (who had the 9-12 slot) and Cho, and to have a proper look round some of the things I didn't see at the private view. In the end there were 3 of us in my space, so I got sent downstairs to invigilate in printmaking. I can't say it was particularly fun - sitting for 4 hours in a windowless room, on an uncomfortable chair next to a tv monitor making the most annoying, repetitive noises. Still, I had a book to read and some sukokus to do, and a Boost bar to nibble at.

I liked this corner. It's like a collage on a wall.
It is, however, in a part of town allergic to straight lines, so I think it will always look a bit wonky.

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