By Photogen

Wall Art - Shades of Grey

The 8-storey high east gable of the Graham Hills Building, George Street, is said to be the UK's largest mural and was completed last summer by Art Pistol owned by Strathclyde alumnus Ali Smith. This image represents the School of Navigation of the Technical College (the forerunner of Strathclyde University). In 1913 it purchased a steam yacht as a training ship for the students to provide practical experience for those intending to take up a seafaring profession. The ship was well equipped with different models and apparatus for imparting the principles of seamanship, navigation and nautical astronomy. There was also a revolving mock navigation bridge on the roof of the College as well as a giant telescope housed in an observatory on the top floor. It is wonderful to see the history of the University writ large on its walls.
The buildings represented are, I think (L to R), the observatory, the Royal College, St George's Tron church and the Barony Church.

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