Give Me Worms

At lunch today Mrs W and I watched this juvenile robin trying to get into the meal worm feeding cage.  He was still at it when we had finished so I set up my camera with Mrs W’s cast-off Sigma 170-500.  By the time I was set up he had given up, so I just set my interval timer to take a shot every 30 seconds and went to sleep (us wrinklies need our afternoon nap!!!).
To my delight when I ploughed through the hundreds of shots I found one with the little fellow inside, so I just had to blip him (or her of course).  The focus was on the outside of the cage and the DoF not has deep as it could have been so the robin is not as sharp as I would have liked.
In the extras is another visitor, a blue tit with a worm in its beak.  I shot the sparrow on the seed feeder much later in the afternoon as the camera was still in place.

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