Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Last day

Carys and I cycled from here to Sable-sur-Sarthe, stopped for a chocolate doughnut and then cycled back. Then because we had 'only' cycled 20.84miles, she continued to cycle round the garden until she reached 21miles! She has had a mini rush of sponsors in the last 24hrs, so thank you very much if you are one of them. She even had Jonathan Edwards retweet her tweet about the bike ride so she is pretty chuffed at the moment.

We tried W on C's bike at the lowest seat. He was more than capable of cycling on it and controlling it until it came to stopping and then not being able to reach the ground was a bit of an issue! But fingers crossed he might have grown enough by spring to upgrade...

Rest of the day was spent packing and by the pool. Children (and adults) are very reluctant to leave. Luckily though we have booked to come again next year, so we are all slightly happier.

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