It hasn't been a good day. Replaced this old car battery a year ago, almost to the day. The replacement one let me down today... big style. Lucky to make it to a layby beside the A9 I suppose. Thank you RAC, for sending that nice lad from Ross's Garage in Dingwall. There may be a visit to Alness tomorrow, regarding last year's conversation and purchase, "Katana batteries? Are they any good? Because I'd rather have a brand name I recognise as such." "Don't worry sir, they are really good. And they've a three year warranty..." Hmmm.

The even older Varta battery will be on the charger overnight, in case there's problems on the way there. Sad that I've more faith in the twelve year old original battery, than the one I was dubious about last year. Glad I kept the old one!

Worst thing about today, was not making it into work to pick up various bits before closing time. Just hope I can get the shoes and other items I've left there - supposed to be working in the new building as of next week!

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