Plan B

Martin's leg was no better this morning so we had to kick in with arrangements for Plan B.

Most crucially how on earth we were going to return the hire car to Pafos Airport when Martin cannot drive it there. Stupidly we had not brought my driving license as a back up and the car hire company said they would not insure me for the day - so we had to organise the return of the hire car to an office a mile away in Limassol, and plan to get a taxi tomorrow. But, even returning it today gave us a lack-of-insured-driver-problem. THEN, apparently it was fine for me to drive the car uninsured to the office to return it....

Kids and I went to the market, which was more car boot sale than we were expecting, but we have managed to get a few pressies.

Martin has rested his leg today and it is a little better, though still very painful to walk on and one calf is still double the size of the other. We are hoping for a trouble free journey back to the UK tomorrow.

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