Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

Where's Pinky?

oh it's been a funny old day. It's been an inset day at school, but Miss Pink's pre-school was still open, so she went in. Master Pink stayed at home in the morning, with the idea that we would go swimming after Miss pink's pre-school session. I went to my friend's house to help out a bit. Well at the friend's house the pet rabbit was poorly, very badly poorly, so that rather took priority, and poor little santa was whisked off to vets while I took the children to pre-school for their afternoon session. Once I'd dropped off the cheebies, I picked up Miss Pink and we went home to get ready for swimming. But when we got to the swimming pool the swimming pool wasn't open until much later in the afternoon, and I had even checked the website before we went, to make sure it was open!!!!! So a quick change of plan led to us going to one of the soft play places in town. Master Pink said he'd had lots of fun and it was almost as good as swimming! We went for McDonalds as a treat for tea. But from then on it was lots of overtired, overwired screaming, shouting and general misbehaviour! It's now 8.45 and it's finally gone quiet. I have tea.

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