By Jaxter46

Simply Stimpy

The only shot of the day just before I left for work this morning, she was sitting beautifully and looked so pretty. Typically she saw me yawned and stretched and came to greet me.

Found out today when I went to support one of my ladies that her co-worker has been diagnosed with bowel cancer, she's so upbeat and optimistic worrying more about people around her than herself. A very courageous lady. I'm not convinced that it's really sunk in with her yet as it's all happened so quickly. Her op is scheduled for the 25th November.

I intend to tell the lady I'm supporting that Z is going to be off for a while and is having an operation, it's best not to worry her. Thats the third person in as many months diagnosed with this condition, I hope that there is no more.

Bonfire night but we have stayed in to pacifiy Megan who really doesn't like the bangs and flashes, so we've had the tv on loud and so far she's not been too bad.

will catch up tomorrow after college, knackered and going to bed now

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