By Jaxter46

Turkey & Tinsel

Stopped off at a local hotel this morning to find The Christmas Tree and Reindeer installed in the foyer, the Turkey and Tinsel coach arrived for the Turkey dinner, the first of the year I was informed. The tree has been up for the last two weeks. Talk about shuvving it down your throat

I ran around the hotel for a good half hour trying to find the head of housekeeping to organise a meeting, she wasn't in and the deputy couldn't make a descision. They will get back to me. Don't you just hate it when that happens

Been a grey and damp day and was getting dark by 3pm, I hate these winter nights.
I've spent a busy evening mounting and framing photo's, some are paid jobs, I'm amazed that people actually want me to take photo's for them. Not knocking it though, but how on earth do you put a price on what you do, that's something I struggle with. I don't want to rip people off but equally I don't want to sell myself short if you know what I mean.

Had a laugh taking the last lot of photo's, you know what they say "don't work with kids or animals", well I got animals. The little minx wouldn't keep still, took tonnes of pics and used lots of doggie treats to try and get the shot I wanted. When I upload I was pleased that there were a few that were pretty good. I had visions of having to go out to do it again. I just hope that they like them.

Late blip tonight, am absolutley knackerd. Hope all is well with you all x x

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