Today my grandson Ellis Owen was baptised at St James Church. It was a sunny day which was great and lots of friends and relatives came to the church to share this special day. Ellis was good as gold and was fast asleep throught the service and even when the Vicar put the water over his head. He looked cute in his little waistcoat and dickie bow. Here are the proud parents, Natalie and my oldest son Gary, brother of Paul who had the honour today of becoming Ellis's godfather. Paul rang the church bell 10 times to let Holywell know that Ellis had been baptised.

We went onto the do at the Cross Foxes where a great spread had been put on. Big disappointment for Gary and Natalie the shop where they had orderd the christening cake from FORGOT to deliver it. The day wasn't spoil though, everyone had a great time.There are some other pics of the day here, here and here if you want to look.

Paul had to leave early to drive down to Kent, about a 5 hour drive. He's gone for a week to prepare for Afghanistan he's off there next, possibly in a week or too

Hope you all had a great weekend

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