Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


As usual I cannot remember the name of this flower although it might be some kind of stock; with my lack of sense of smell I cannot even tell what it smells like.

Another hot and sunny day although there were a few drops of rain several times during the day. Victoria came to help us again and we did some gardening in the front garden, including cutting back the Wisteria (wrong time of year, I know) but it was getting in the way. After lunch, we did some tidying up in the kitchen ready to start sorting out two bookcases full of cookery books tomorrow. Victoria also did some jobs for my husband including spraying the weeds in the drive; something which seems to need doing several times a year.

Update. Looking back over previous years, which I do every day, after I have posted my picture, I was amazed to see that I blipped this same flower on this day last year. It must flower exactly on time! I did not know what it was then, but it was identified as a Phlox.

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