By tepeka


I'm not quite sure what's wrong with dog #2 today. Normally, if a camera is pointed in his general direction he goes absolutely mental and tries to climb into the camera through the lens. This evening, though, he seemed quite content to just lie there and be photographed. Odd.

Quite a tiring day at work. And not just for me but the boy child too, who came in for the first day of a week's work experience. I think he enjoyed it. Or, failing that, at least he's convincingly polite - which is a useful skill to have, I suppose.

And now it's an evening of televisual delights: University Challenge, the new season of Suits, and perhaps Mme Tepeka and I will get to start the fifth season of Game of Thrones, which we bought a while ago but haven't had a chance to start yet. That's about all my brain can handle this evening...

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