A Busy Day Dawning

I hadn't slept very well as the visitors on the showfield camp site had played music until 3 am. I was so pleased I decided to get up and out with the camera before an idiot turned on his car radio at top volume at around 6 am.

The weather was lovely. A coolish night had left a layer of mist over the grass. The sun was so low it was creating an orange glow. I hurried along to the line of trees to catch it.

Back to the marquee and Vapefest 2015 was about to begin for The Mate. We opened up at 7 am and soon had the overnight campers coming in for a preview. By 10am the show was fully open and it was like working alongside a celebrity. "Hi, pleased to meet you. I've been watching your YouTube Videos." was a common greeting. "So pleased you're here again this year!" was another. This is the one weekend in the year for The Mate to meet his customers and his best chance win new ones.

So, we worked hard, talking and selling vaping accessories made by The Mate until about 8 pm. It was then time to close up and enjoy a whisky and a video.

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