Setting Up Dalston Show

We don't have to travel very far to do this show. It wasn't as bad a day as we expected. The show organiser had ignored the dimensions of the pitch I had requested to give us a "good spot". Thankfully, with the goodwill of the next trader, we managed to get the car and trailer in behind the marquee. A tight fit. We had set off at 10am and had the marquee fully set up by mid afternoon. It was round about then that the heavens opened.

It absolutely poured down! We were safe and snug in our marquee but as we watched through the window, other traders were getting soaked trying to set up their stands. We were so pleased we had arrived early.

I always take shots of our stand at the shows for our own reference so did so today, particularly to remind us of a slight change in layout. It would have been at this time of day that I would have taken the camera for a walk around the show field but it was just too wet for the rest of daylight hours.

I had to choose on of the six of the interior of our marquee, no other shots today.

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