a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Grown up at last

Tiny Tuesday: Male Bush Cricket

Having been away for a week its good to finally be back home.  Our travel plans worked out eventually although it was well after midnight this morning when we finally got home and to bed.  Getting up this morning to face work was not that easy as a result!

Back to the grind, but back also to trying to find a subject for today's Tiny Tuesday.  An excursion in the garden was called for to try to spot some old friends.  I managed to find two growing speckled bush crickets fairly easily tonight, but was surprised and delighted to then find this chap - who looks to me to be nearly fully grown.  As you can see, he's not that easy to see!

Many thanks to osuzanna for stepping in to host Tiny Tuesday whilst Walking Wombat is away. For more Tiny Tuesday contributions, have a look here.

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