Tiny Tuesday .....

 ...... or maybe not.

I am not quite sure whether Tiny Tuesday has to be something tiny, a macro of something normal size or a close-up of part of a something.

Anyhoooo ..... this is a close-up of my Ark Animals Candle Lamp .... I saw it in Boston Massachusetts in 2004 (on my second ever visit to the US), fell in love with it and brought it home - it weighs almost 10lbs (4.5 kgs) and I was terrified it would get broken despite being in my hand luggage (wow, it was HEAVY).

It depicts eight pairs of Noah's animals settling down for the night around a "fire".   I loved it then and I love it even more now ..... 

It is from the "Windstone Editions" by Melody Pena - she is now, I think, located in Oregon.

Thank you for all your lovely comments for Shadow on Sunday (we scraped onto the front page of "popular" (thrilled) and for your comments on my Gran's clock yesterday - all are much appreciated.

Leaving on a '' mission '' tonight at midnight - I think tomorrow is my 1500th blipday - who knows if there will be anything special to try and photography when I am running around with my superspy equipment !!

~ Anni ~

Thought for the Day

You should always borrow money from pessimists - they never expect it back!!

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