Thoughts of a Mummy

By Jaxndm

3D Fun Firsts

Well he's gone... Peach is off to the Download Music Festival for the weekend. I've tried not to get myself upset about it, but I just can't help it. I know that it's just for a couple of days, I know that I'll cope, I know that I've got plenty of help if I need it but...... I'm at home with the girls five days a week - I love being so involved in their life - I also love having Peach at home over the weekend to share the load. This will be a 7 day stretch. Having that other person to think about what needs to be done; having that other person to bounce off when the girls are having a moment.

That said, I've had a lovely day with DM, R&P. We went to the Cinema and watched Beauty and the Beast in 3D. It was R&P's first time of going to the Cinema, and full credit to them they were really good. I had Ruby on my lap and my friend had Penny on her lap. (We asked for booster seats but unfortunately the stupid cinema didn't have any). Ruby made me smile every time she experienced the 3D as her little body jumped when she thought the something was coming out of the screen.

To add a cherry to an almost perfect cake, my friend Sarah and her daughter (my niece) Leah had Ashleigh whilst I went to the cinema AND Sarah did a large basket of ironing for me too!! Woohoo!!

As Peach isn't expected home till early hours tomorrow morning, I had every intention of having an early night, yet here I am at nearly midnight still "faffing". I can always find jobs to do around the house to keep me busy.

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