Thoughts of a Mummy

By Jaxndm

Birthday Faces

Half of me is trying to pretend that it's not my birthday today and the other half has no choice but to accept the turning of age.

Age is not a problem to me; I am very happy with what I have achieved in my life so far. I have no regrets and lots more dreams to live out.

I am avoiding my birthday because I can't share my day with Peach. I am trying to make the most of it because of my beautiful girls and the wonderful family and friends who have been so kind, thoughtful and generous with messages, cards and gifts.

Peach told me that he would be leaving at 11am every day, as it was he didn't leave till 2pm today. It appears that the weekend isn't turning out quite how he imagined it.

I've had my Mum round today to help with the girls; her husband has spent the afternoon ironing for me and I've been enjoying a bit of face painting on the kiddies. I had some fun painting my friends face too and as such she felt the need to paint my face too.

I felt very honoured that Penny allowed me to paint her face as she doesn't normally want anything done. Daisy-May loves to have her face painted and Ruby loves to do anything that DM does.

My mum had Daisy-May helping her to make pizza's for tea which were delicious! And then I spent the evening organising another friends 40th birthday party for later this year. It was a nice distraction and the company was lovely.

I've received some absolutely beautiful cards and presents - it appears that my family and friends know me very well.... Lots of chocolate and references to chocolate on cards :o). I'm overwhelmed by the amount of messages I've received on the ol' book of Face.

I truly am very grateful for the amazing and thoughtful friends and family that I have in my life. To me; I am nothing without you xxx

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