Vineyard on a frosty morning

I bought myself a head lamp and wanted to try it out so I set off well before sunup to a spot I had often thought would be good for sunrises. It is the cycleway on the approach to the Motueka River bridge and it overlooks a vineyard. It was a beautiful frosty morning and the sun came up nicely as you will see in a couple of extras.
I couldn't decide whether the dawn shots were the best as they were so dark in the foreground so after much humming and haaing I have gone with a view away from the sun across the vineyard to Moon Creek. I thought the grape plants looked like Irish dancers. It was a wide angle for Wednesday although I had to zoom a little.
I wasn't unhappy with the others, just undecided and yes the lamp worked a treat and I could see to change my settings.
I only really felt cold after the sun was up and I could see how white it was all round.

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