Gruesome Dew...

We spent some time this afternoon in the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow.
The main photo here is of a plant called "Sundew" (Drosera). It looks pretty, but for an insect it's quite gruesome as it's a carnivorous plant. The sparkly droplets on its short tentacles look like dew, but in fact are droplets of goo which act as a natural flypaper. Once an insect lands on them they get stuck, and the more they struggle the more they stick. Within a couple of hours the surrounding tentacles bend slowly towards the insect, so that it becomes completely pinned down and is then slowly digested. (Yuk!)

It's worth viewing large if you have time.
The "extra" photo is one of the reflectors in the roof of one of the glasshouses. I liked the effect of the multiple facets.

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