By davidc

Makeshift Macro - Ready to Write

Thought I'd try my hand at macro the cheap way. As a recently retired eye doc I own a very nice 20 dioptre lens made by Nikon, used for a technique called "indirect ophthalmoscopy" (for viewing the retina of the eye). Well, I noticed that it has a diameter of 54 mm, so that it fits snugly on the front of my 58mm camera lens. A spot of sticky tape keeps it there nicely :)

That gives me a working distance of about 25-30mm, which is a bit close and limits the possibilities. However it seemed to work quite well when I took this shot of my pen nib. (No digital zooming needed.) Maybe I'll get a proper macro setup one day but this will give me some fun for a while anyway!

(Press L to view large.)

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