A wet day to be out and about for mum, my brother and I. We started the day with brunch at mum's favourite café - The Brick Mill café, where we enjoyed chatting over Eggs Benedict of various kinds, coffees and teas while the rain continued to fall.

After brunch we made the drive into Christchurch to Princess Margaret Hospital to see R. He was happy to see us, his eyes lit up, he smiled and shook G's hand, then asked when we were going home? So he still remembers us and associates us with home which is good, but I'm not sure if he remembers our visits from day to day. He looked tired and quite drawn, his movements slow and his speech rambling, it was not long before he nodded off.

This is one of my favourite walks to R's ward, the light streams through the windows lighting the artwork hung on the walls, bright and colourful, significant and special, lovely to capture mum and G in conversation and together again.

On the way home we stopped at a bar for cake and a cuppa but ended up watching the netball from half time NZ v England, a great game. And tonight its the rugby All Blacks v Wallabies, great rivals - Go All Blacks.

As the rain continues to fall, day is closing in, the fire is roaring and a beef casserole has been slowly cooking throughout the day. It's been great to spend this day with my mum and brother - together :)

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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