Mimosa Jury

Gentle and soft with her gorgeous curves, camellia Mimosa Jury stands along the fence line out from my lounge, always a delight to see in flower.

A day at home and it felt good, many things achieved, washed and cleaned, sorted and tidied on this rather grey, dismal day. It's been threatening rain and the temperature has dropped, the breeze cold but I had a skip in my step - my brother flies in from Sydney late tonight, can't wait to give him a hug. He's staying with mum which will be wonderful company for her.

Daughter A and boyfriend M thought about coming home tomorrow but other things have cropped up, we will miss them for this short family reunion.

I've finally caught up on some back blips which start here if anyone is interested, some family time when Daughter A and boyfriend M were with us.

That's about it for today and the weekend is here, hope its an awesome one for you :)

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