Topsy Turvey.....

Our world is a little 'topsy turvey' at present so thought I'd have a little fun with the hospital R is staying in, this being the entrance way.

Today was a day of visiting R and sorting through some legal documents. 'R' was very agitated when we arrived and we nearly left but with a blink of an eyelid he changed completely telling us some good yarns of fishing with his brothers and mentioned his mother. It was great to see him smile and laugh with a little twinkle in his eye but it wasn't long before he told us we 'could go now', which we did.

We have to take the good with the bad and go with the flow, each day presents something different as does my shot today.

I'm chuffed you all enjoyed yesterday's hellebore, the pure white petals were divine along with the lovely centre, thank you for all the stars, hearts, your thoughtful words and continued support, I'm truly touched :)

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