Cindy again.....

The sky was clear as I headed to the gym at 6.30 this morning, the moon was high in the sky and stars were shining brightly. Jack Frost had paid a visit last night so it was quite chilly round the bare ankles, there was a hint of a sunrise out to the east, the day held some promise

But promise for what, it soon became dreary and cold with snow not too far away and rain late afternoon. It was lovely to look out along my fence line to see Cinnamon Cindy still in flower with her petite and pretty blooms, she is a camellia I would not be without.

I was chuffed you all enjoyed Monday's native bird Kotuku, thank you ever so much for your lovely words, stars and hearts, it was a real surprise to see it reach spotlight, thank you :))

Mid-week here, A and I have had a home day, she has a little freelance work and I've been sorting photos, we have roast chicken and veges quietly cooking away as I type :)

Happy Wednesday blippers :)

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