My Answer Is Yes. !

No I've not received a marriage proposal :) Just am in a place I find wonderful and answering this question spotted on the back of a bus .
My day began with a lazy breakfast in bed ..Luxury and yummy .Then ready and out into the city for the Spinningfields Market ,held 3rd weekend each month .Super food , drink , music,  artisan talent everywhere .Some very good art work too . I bought a pair of sparkly cat ears .Call it forward planning for Halloween .The weather was beautiful and Winston a British bull dog was enjoying a sun session .These flowers were for sale but I was happy enough to take a picture .Later we went to Salford to the Crescent where, from a very safe distance I pointed out some ghastly Giant Hogweed on the banking .It stood at least 7 " tall .Then back via Oldfield Road stopping to climb onto blocks  in order to get the Panoramic shot .Down to Woden Street , over the Irwell ,along the mountain bike track to Pomona then back , calling at The Wharf  where the geese were lined up busy with their evening preening .Another day of Manchester's Magic . More than buildings.It's an X factor like no other. Happy weekend everyone

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