Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Dear Diary,

Today is the 125th anniversary of my grandmothers birth.  She was born Mary Seaman Howell on this day in 1890.  It still amazes me that I knew someone that was born during the reign of Queen Victoria!  She married my grandfather, Sherman Creed, in 1912.  I was very close to my grandparents but especially to my grandmother.

I love this photograph of her taken around 1900 when she was 10 years old.  The ushering in of a new century must have been very exciting for a 10 year old.  So much was changing and so fast.  This little girl that rode in a horse and buggy would later see a man walk on the moon. 

We rarely think of our grandparents as children.  They are always grandma and grandpa to us.  Perpetually white haired and wrinkled but they were children once and I love remembering her this way.  My grandfather died in 1978, my grandmother in 1988.  I am so lucky they entrusted me with all the photographs and artifacts from their lives.  I cherish them every day.

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