By Veronica

Not quite according to plan

One of the exercises in the creative coding course ... not quite what I intended, but I'm getting there. It's all slowly starting to make a bit more sense, but the maths/trigonometry is very hard. I need to remember my motto: Avant d'être simple, tout est difficile.*

Other unplanned activity: a meeting at which not one but two people had a massive shouting match with a third person and stormed out yelling abuse as they went (the word salaud was heard repeatedly). Ah well. It was somewhat predictable, although I hadn't envisaged it going quite that far. The survivors pulled themselves together enough to go to the house of the Belgian members of the group, and consume chips and wine while setting the world to rights. Very restorative.

Mystère says thank you for the flattering comments.

* Everything's difficult before it's easy

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